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It was year 2013 and the neo-psychedelic rock scene of Santiago de Chile’s was reaching its highest point. After releasing two albums that went from a primitive and urgent garage rock to a more elaborated space rock, Pontiacs, came through with their new self-produced album, “Atacama Dreaming”. Nine songs about the nature through its different dimensions, based on reverberant and repetitive melodies of space rock, dream pop and neo-psychedelia that give form to the most detailed and polished release of the band, which has not been officially released until now. Seven years later, Green Cookies Record presents it to the public in LP format, doing justice to a work that deserved more recognition than it had original received.


“Seriously great strong writing coupled with the sweetest of Fuzz tones and some slow burning sike outs…” — Rocket Recordings, 2012 (UK)

“Chilean psychedelia that sneaks up, bowls you over. Like, sand dunes are the sound waves of the Earth, man.” — Bandcamp StaffPicks, 2014

“Desert dreams of slow motion head banging. That dune over there just might be a wall of sound. Headed your way. Favorite track: Desert Sun.” — Kevin Johnston

“Rock solid effort from Pontiacs. If you’re a fan of heavy psyche, space rock or stoner grooves, then this album should be on your horizon, as it features all that and a whole bunch more. An artist with a wide spectrum of sounds and styles – super dreamy! Favorite track: Copper Hills (Atacama Dreaming).” — Michael Reilly


Spacemen 3, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Asteroid No. 4, Joy Division, The Doors, Iggy & The Stooges, The Velvet Underground.
Sudden Death of Stars, The Cult of Dom Keller, Watch Out!, The Psychedelic Schafferson Jetplane, Django Django, Tame Impala

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