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Dirty Fuse: The band from Athens with the blistering Live performances, faithful to all those who made the 7″ vinyl “Lost Riders” a sold out, has released their debut self-titled album on Green Cookie Records. 12 killer instro tracks … to surf for !!!

Dirty Fuse were formed in 2008 by guitarist Duda Victor and drummer Chris Kogios aiming to explore the frenzied world of surf rock. With the current lineup being: Duda (guitar), Kostas (guitar), Manolis (sax), John (bass) and Chris (drums), their music is based on the old school surf music of the 60’s, imbued with the energy of garage and punk rock. Dirty Fuse evolve these sounds with their own unique way and they bring instrumental surf rock to the music scene of today.
With the 7″ “Lost Riders” behind them, they recently released the self-titled full length album “Dirty Fuse” under Green Cookie Records, while persistently surfing on the live stages of Athens!

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