The Wave Chargers: “Caravelle” (LP, 2022)

The Wave Chargers share their new album “Caravelle”. 12 tracks of Surf Rock, Eleki, Exotica and Rock’n’Roll. Released by Green Cookie Records, Sonic Twang Dangerhouse Skylab. Available by streaming, download and CD now. Available on vinyl in July.

Here is “Caravelle” the second album of The Wave Chargers.

The Wave Chargers are four young people active in the Parisian underground since 2015.
Four musicians playing energetic and sexy surf music at the same time.
After two EPs and an LP (“The Wave Chargers” 2019) noticed by the public and the media (Rock & Folk, Rolling Stone, FIP, France 24, Radio 3-rtve) the group returns to what it knows how to do better: mainly surfing instrumental music (think Californian sixties bands), but this time also with an eye towards other geographical and cinematographic horizons.

These so-called horizons, they opened them up after the release of their first album. Too confined as they were to wait for the resumption of concerts, they took the opportunity to work as composers and session musicians for the needs of several catalog music. Surf, jazz, yé-yé, rock’n’roll projects, which regularly find their way to cinema or television (“L’Evènement” Golden Lion – Venice 2021, various Netflix series or films (“Emily In Paris” “Madame Claude”), France TV, Discovery Channel).

Additional experiences that allowed The Wave Chargers to show that they were not just an instrumental surf music group, but four talented musicians who can play what they want, and give a whole richness to this second album.

From the surf theme that makes you want to tap your feet all along, from winks to beach party movies from Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon, passing through Hawaiian atmospheres, references to the Japanese Eleki, or a detour to the West and North African coasts, this Caravelle trip is a short world tour in less than 30 minutes.


Francis Viel : guitares
Louise Sordoillet: guitares
Samy Khanchouche: basse, piano
Claude Enée: batterie, percussions
Mat Le Rouge: saxophone

Enregistré par Florian Chambonnière au studio Melodium, 2021
Assisté par Adrien Cabanes
Mixé par Florian Chambonnière
Masterisé par Yannis Parzialis, Groove Sexion Productions
Graphisme par Samy Khan

The Wave Chargers: “The Wave Chargers” (LP)

It has already been 4 years since the Parisian quartet The Wave Chargers made teenagers from France and Europe dance with their instrumental surf music. Day by day this audience demanded a Long Player album; it’s now done thanks to Green Cookie and Sonic Twang. Here are twelve tracks recorded live at ATPR studio. Twelve tracks ranging from the most sophisticated music to the most frenzied surf. After the success of their first two 45 t EP, The Wave Chargers become with this album the instrumental formation which you will not be able to do without.
Voici déjà 4 ans que le quatuor parisien The Wave Chargers fait danser les Teen-agers de France et d’Europe avec leur musique surf instrumentale. De jour en jour ce public réclamait un album Long Player ; c’est désormais chose faite grâce aux maisons Green Cookie et Sonic Twang. Voici douze titres enregistrés en condition live à l’ATPR studio. Douze titres allant de la musique la plus sophistiquée à la surf la plus endiablée. Après les succès de leurs deux premiers 45 t EP, The Wave Chargers deviennent avec cet album la formation instrumentale dont vous ne pourrez plus vous passer.

Edition of 350 copies / one-sheet